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Sealants applied around any penetrations are a must!

I am guessing that a home inspector or pest control company has told you that you have a moisture problem. You probably have some wood framed windows, sills, or door framing that is moist, or completely rotten. Paint is peeling off the window, or the wood is simply crushing under the simple pressure of a finger. Bad stuff.

Incorrect application of Exterior Insulation Finish System (EIFS), or Synthetic Stucco, is the primary source of water intrusion and system failure. The EIFS Industry Manufacturers Association, and of course all manufacturer specifications define caulk joints, types of flashing, and other recommendations which probably were not adhered to when the structure was built. Go to the EIMA website for more details, or in particular, download the construction guide to EIFS that has pictures and specs. Good stuff.

Sealants - How GPE Fixes the problem-

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