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Georgia Premier Exteriors specializes in stucco repair. If you are browsing here, you are probably the owner of a home utilizing Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS), also known as synthetic stucco or by a brand name like Dryvit, Finestone, or Sto. Improper installation and maintenance of the system has created headaches for many homeowners. Water intrusion around windows and doors create moisture problems. EIFS or Hardcoat incorrectly installed below grade can invite termite damage. Georgia Premier Exteriors is your one stop shop for all of these exterior repair needs.

Georgia Premier Exteriors is prepared for any job, from repairs on homes and remodel updates to complete residential or commercial projects including complete replacement of EIFS to conventional metal lathe, portland, lime, and sand stucco systems. We repair/replace windows, doors, wood trim, paint- all facets of repair for your EIFS or conventional stucco home or business.

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